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Inkcraft Tattoo Studio originated in 1997 in Adams Center NY. From the very beginning we wanted to provide our customers with the very best experience we could give them. Every person that comes through our door is treated with the respect they deserve and greeted with a genuine interest in what we can do for them. We know that everyone has a different reason for visiting us at Inkcraft. Some of you are celebrating something new in your life, others come here to memorialize someone that you have lost. Still, others come here just because they appreciate the art of tattooing or they want to express themselves with a tattoo. Whatever it is that brings you to Inkcraft we feel honored to be able to help you. Also, at Inkcraft, we pride ourselves in providing a clean, comfortable, safe place to get your tattoo. When someone comes to Inkcraft their very fist impression is how clean we are. At the time of your tattoo you can see all the precautions that are taken to keep you safe. Of course, all needles are single use and they come out of their package right in front of you. Any questions about the process are welcomed and answered to your satisfaction. Last, but certainly not least, Inkcraft's largest goal is to give you the tattoo you want and can be proud to wear for the rest of your life. The tattoo design can begin from something that you have seen or just an idea you have and at Inkcraft it will be brought to life.
 Inkcraft Tattoo Studio has been located at its current location in Watertown NY since 2006 and continues to provide the same great experience that has kept people coming back over the years. When I speak of Inkcraft Tattoo I speak in the plural. I have always been the only tattoo artist at Inkcraft Tattoo but Inkcraft has only been possible because of the support of my husband, Chris. Without his encouragement, I would not be able to do what I love and therefore WE are Inkcraft Tattoo.

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